Connection and Projection

Connection: a relationship, association, kinship, reciprocity. Projection: in photography or technology, the process of projecting an image on a screen. “Connecting to Heal“, that’s our banner for Impacts Alaska Counseling Services. But what does that really mean? We do believe that humankind was made for relationship, with other people (friends, family, and associates). Also for […]

Sticks and Stones

Ah yes, I remember it well. Defiantly yelling back at the boys on the playground who derided me with their pet names like Crispy Critter and Crazy Christie. (My mother said that meant they liked me; I didn’t believe her for a minute.) It was a long time ago, back when verbal bullying during recess […]

The Setting on the Dryer

On Monday we took our dog to the vet dentist for a full day of anesthesia and tube-down-the-throat teeth cleaning. It was hard to leave her there terrified. She’d been left at the pound twice before we adopted her. I remember that day so well: September 11, 2004. That’s why we named her Libby, short […]