About Me

20170113_165005My name is Christie Eberhardt, a counselor with 22 years experience in the field. Adults and young people, couples and families come for help with relational brokenness found in themselves, with others, even with God.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology; Master’s in Clinical Christian Counseling; PhD in Christian Psychology.

Credentialing: Advanced Certification license with the National Christian Counselors Association; Board Certified Pastoral Counselor with the International Board of Christian Counselors.

Writing: The Heartmender’s Manual (2001), a Christian inner healing book; and from the far distant past: a pretentious play plus some poems and journals

Personal snapshot: a very early baby-boomer, married with six grown children and six grandchildren; Alaska resident since February 1974, transplanted to Tennessee in August 2012.

Question: How can we be so connected by the Internet, text messages, the ubiquitous cell-in-the-ear, and media media everywhere, yet be so disconnected from the personal touch of emotional intimacy? How did it happen that we all seem at opposite ends of the field from one another?

Connection gets broken–with family and friends, with self, with God. How to heal? We work on that together.

It’s always different, sometimes painful, and often intense.

The boat is set free from its moorings, then you set its course, heading out with all the navigational aids we could find.